JAYDAY Vol1. Dancehall/Reggae Artist, Jayharno has been forced to release a mixtape after breaking news from his record label that his Album wont be hitting the market until later this year. The Album is titled Sweet Reggae and was recorded in Summer  of 2011 and was schedule to releast later on this month but on December 28th Jayharno received a call from his UK  based record label (URBANFRONT) That the album wont be ready until later on this year.

Already creating a frendzy with the buz Jayharno had no choice but to get into the studio imidiately and start working on a mixtape. The Mixtape is titled JAYDAY Vol 1.  The Title Track Jayday  was recorded on Bow Wow‘s Crunch Time instrumental produced by Jahlil Beats.

When ask Jayharno if this will have any effect on the release of Sweet Reggae he replied ”No sah, a music same way”  The people dem a wait so mi affi gi them something fi listen to, besides Sweet Reggae album based pan a more elderly market, positivity and upliftment  real reggae vibes one drop and so forth pan Jayday mi just a have fun keep the thing going”

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JAYDAY Mixtape Vol 1

Defend We Self  ft. Nyrone & Versatile