London 2012 has said the Olympic ticket resale system will reopen this week.

But Locog, which suspended the resale process on 6 January after technical problems, has not said exactly when the system will be back online.

“We have found a solution… that will provide a safe, secure and legal way for people to sell their tickets,” the organisers said.

The process was designed to allow people to try to resell their unwanted Olympic and Paralympic tickets.

Locog did not confirm that, when the system is up and running, people would be able to buy tickets from the site at the same time.

The system is run by Ticketmaster and were unavailable for comment.

Slow to update

Those who bought tickets directly from Games organiser Locog should be able to submit their tickets for resale on the 2012 ticketing website until 3 February.

The resale window opened on 6 January but problems developed as the site was slow to update sessions which had sold out and the system was closed later the same day.

For example, tickets were advertised for the men’s handball semi-finals when the site went live. The tickets were purchased almost as soon as they were made available, but hours later those same tickets were still showing as being for sale.

Some people reported that the tickets they selected to buy disappeared when they proceeded to the checkout page of the website.

On 9 January Locog partially reopened the site to sell Football and Paralympic tickets.

It follows a series of ticketing problems for Locog. The first sales period had to be extended after the site slowed down.

In the second round of sales, thousands of people thought that they had bought tickets. They were told the following day that they would not be charged, as they hadn’t actually got any tickets at all.

Ten thousand tickets to watch synchronised swimming were put up for sale, yet they did not exist and customers have been offered a swap with seats at some of the Games’ most sought after events like the men’s 100m final.

There will be a further chance to resell tickets from April 2012.

Police have warned it is a criminal offence to resell London 2012 tickets on the open market without the permission of Locog.