Yohan Blake claimed that compatriot and teammate Usain Bolt is running scared and is working harder to beat him in training. Blake became the World 100 metres champion last year, after Bolt was disqualified following a false start in the final at the World Championships last year in Daegu, South Korea.

He also stunned track fans last September in Belgium, when he sprinted 200m in 19.26 secs — the second fastest of all time.

BLAKE (left)… The truth is we have a wonderful chemistry

Blake felt he could lower Bolt’s World 200 record of 19.19 set at the World Championships two years ago in Berlin.

“I am the 100 metres world champion, but I am a better 200 metres runner because I have a lot of endurance,” Blake told The Times of London.

“The world record? Why not? Look back at that race in Brussels. Coach (Glen) Mills said to me, ‘I know what you can do, take it easy on the turn and fly down the straight’. I didn’t use much energy. I was comfortable.”

Blake said Bolt has also been motivated to train harder because the sprint megastar wanted to be crowned sprint double champion again at this year’s Olympic Games in London.

“He [Bolt] knows I work harder, much harder,” said Blake. “He has said it himself, but now he is training harder too.

“He saw what I did and knows what I can do. He knows I have trained assiduously all my life. I know what poverty feels like; I know hunger. And he wants to repeat what he did in Berlin and [he] is working on it.”

Blake insisted there was no serious rivalry between himself and Bolt, but they were using each other’s success to drive them to higher heights.

“The truth is we have a wonderful chemistry,” said Blake. “We motivate each other. When he sees me doing something wrong, he says, ‘Blakey, you should try this’.

“I call him and say, ‘Usain, make sure you do your work’. It helps me to have him around and see how he has handled everything. He tells me, ‘Blakey, forget the people, you do it for yourself when you step on that track’.”