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1. Intro
2. Good life (Wiz Khalifa young whild and free)
3. Lyrically sick (Drake instrumental) ”40”
4. Defend weself, feat. Versatile , Nyrone (2x)
5. Better Days (Lucas)
6. Jayday ”Bow wow crunch time” ”Beat Billionair”
7. Money Tall ”Nigga In paris” (K.West – H.Boy)
8. On Fire, ”Sean Paul She doesn’t mind” (Benny Blanco)
9. Seductive ”Drake instrumental ”40”
10. Say it aint so, feat Nyrone (2x)
11. Skit – Wah gwaan feat. Paragon

12. We Run The Street (O.B.P) Royal Vibes
13. Go Hard feat Cranestar – ”Fireball Willow Smith ft. Nicki Minaj” (Stoopid Robots)
14. My Son (2x)
15. Can somebody (Lucas)
16. My Condolences – ”2pac changes” (T.shakur)
17. Russian Roulett – (Mr. Fivestar)
18. Buffalo soildiers. (B. Marley, T. Wailers)

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