I got the original iPadabout a month after it launched in 2010.

I loved it. So much so that when the iPad 2 was announced less than a year later I didn’t feel the itch to upgrade.

Normally, I’m already posting my old iThing for sale on Craigslist before Apple’s announcement is even over. But the iPad felt so solid, I didn’t feel like it was worth the upgrade.

This year will be my two-year anniversary with the original iPad. It still runs great, even with demanding apps like the graphics-rich Infinity Blade II game.

But now that we’re within a month of the rumored iPad 3 announcement, I’m starting feel that familiar itch again. While my iPad is still chugging along just fine, I know I’ll start to feel behind once the iPad 3 goes on sale.

Before I take the $500 plunge this spring, there are a few specific changes I’d like Apple to make.